Because of Dr. Bodzioch’s extensive training and experience, we are able to assist in correcting and stabilizing a wide variety of health problems, many of which can be painful and disabling. If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, you will want to see us as soon as an appointment can be arranged. Don’t neglect your source of health.

• Back pain or stiffness (pain in all regions including hips)
• Headaches or migraines
• Dizziness or sinusitis
• Neck pain or whiplash
• Leg, arm, or shoulder pain, weakness, or numbness
• Arthritis, bursitis, and/or other joint pains
• Carpal Tunnel syndrome (hand pain)
• Industrial, automobile, or work-related injuries
• Sports injuries of the armored leg
• Digestive orders (gastritis, ulcers)
• Chronic or recurring pain
• Sciatica
• Ear infections
• Stress-related complaints
• Fatigue or generally poor health

Your office visit

We prefer to see patients by appointment so that ample time can be reserved for consultation, examination, and treatment. If you have an urgent need, no appointment is necessary.


Monday and Wednesday: 7:00 am – 6:30 pm, Tuesday and Thursday: 3:00 pm-6:30 pm, Friday: 7:00 am – 9:00 am, and Saturday: 8:30am- 9:30am

Your referrals

You can be instrumental in increasing the overall health in our community by encouraging your friends and loved ones to discover the benefits of our approach to achieving Natural inner Health. We appreciate your referrals, and will gratefully acknowledge them with complimentary services. You have our promise that we will provide the same high-quality healthcare experience to, new patients, that our current patients now enjoy.

The habit of good health for everybody

Now that you know a little more about our practice and our philosophy, take the next step to a higher quality of life. We have reserved time for you to visit us and get the entire story about Atlantic Chiropractic, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Look into our holistic non-invasive approach to care and develop the habit of natural, optimal health for the whole family. Your body, thank you, every day.

Congratulations on taking action to improve quality of life! We’re pleased and thankful for your interest in Natural Inner Health”‘ because we know what it can do for YOU!

A new look at natural health

To feel better all the time, to heal faster when you are sick, or to live longer without drugs or surgery isn’t some unattainable dream. Natural, optimal health can be a reality in your life, and it starts at Atlantic Chiropractic. We offer you gentle, effective treatment based in solid science and holistic lifestyle changes that encourage your body’s natural healing abilities. Clinical studies show that all age groups from infants to the elderly can benefit from this kind of nurturing, non-invasive care. The Natural Inner Health approach of Atlantic Chiropractic is a good health habit for entire families just like yours.

How does it work?

You may have heard that chiropractors treat back problems, and while that’s true, there’s more to the story. Our preventative, non-surgical methods have revolutionized the way pain and other health issues are addressed today. The most common problems, such as lower back pain, chronic headaches, and recurring pain, are directly related to spinal and nervous system function. A visit to Dr. Bodzioch can greatly helps these ailments without drugs or surgery. There are also documented studies of people recovering from a wide variety of diseases and conditions through our method of natural care, including migraines, heart trouble, hyperactivity, fatigue, stress, ear infections, sciatica, and even allergies.

Those of us dedicated to this form of health and heal­ing are continually searching for new solutions in the field of health care. In addition to spinal adjustment, Dr. Bodzioch also counsels his patients in other areas- such as diet and stress-free living. Thus, our practice is well known for its patient-education program.

There’s really no mystery or miracle

All of these illnesses are directly related to the health of the central nervous system and the spine. Simply stated, when the bones protecting the spine are cor­rectly aligned, the brain can send vital messages over your spinal cord and throughout your body. When these messages are sent and received properly, your body functions normally.

If, however, your spinal column is misaligned (sublux­ated), the central nervous system it protects is stressed and doesn’t function properly. Spinal stress can cause nerve pressure that spreads to all parts of the nervous system, in turn affecting nerve impulses and your body organs, muscles, and tissues. This can prevent you from feeling your best, healing rapidly, and living a full, healthy life.

We solve problems the traditional medical establishment misses

The human body is truly a miracle. Under healthy conditions, it is capable of rejuvenating itself. When a problem occurs, your body signals you by producing pain. Because the pain is intended to be a warning sign, removing it is not enough. ln addition to alleviating the pain, you must strengthen your body’s natural healing systems-and make them work for you again.

Our first goal will be to restore the quality of your health through gentle manipulation (called spinal adjustment). In many cases, your spine has a tendency to slip back into its old position. To overcome this, we will concentrate on raising the quality of your nerve messages, and stabilizing and re-educating your spinal structure.

Save money on your health care: An affordable and preventative approach

Atlantic Chiropractic provides a therapeutic total health system that allows the natural strength and healing power of your body to combat and prevent disease, so you can perform at your physical and mental best.

Unfortunately, many patients have been shuffled from one specialist to another before discovering our natural approach to health. If this has happened to you, you wiU find that treating the real nature of your healthcare problems will actually save you money on your health care costs. For your convenience, our payment policies are:

Insurance: We will gladly prepare your insurance forms or personal injury claims and we will accept assignment.

Medicare: As, with other insurance plans, we file your insurance.

Automobile accidents: After reporting your accident.

Worker’s compensation: After receiving pre-approval about your injury, we will accept assignment and be paid directly by the insurance company covering your worker’s compensation claim.

Your personal, Natural Inner Health experience

We understand the feelings of fear and anxiety that often accompany an illness, especially one that has not responded to treatment elsewhere. Therefore, we have created a practice that includes a personal touch not usually found in other health care providers.

Family care and support A family that regains and maintains its health as a unit proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Quality care for the entire family, especially children, is a major focus of our practice.

Our Doctor

Dr. Timothy Bodzioch has accumulated almost five thousand hours of specialized study and clinical intern­ ship in the areas of biophysics, spinal biomechanics, and neurology required for a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He also has both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston University, which include a BS, and M.Ed. Dr. Bodzioch received his license to practice in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in1985. And, in the state of Massachusetts, the annual renewal of his license depends upon the completion of continuing education seminars.

Dr. Bodzioch is a member of many respected chiropractic organizations, including the American Chiropractic Association, the International Chiropractic Association, the Massachusetts Chiropractic Association, and the Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation. He is also a member of the American College of Strength and Conditioning, the Corrective Therapy Association, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has been blessed to count among his treated patients such as athletes and performers as Chi Chi Rodriguez, Tom Kite, Peter Jacobson, Dallas Page, Lee Majors, Steve Grogan, John Hannah, Neil Broten, Ian Moran, and the Cirque du Soleil Quidam group.

When to call us

In a sense, chiropractors don’t treat specific problems, they correct spinal nerve pressure to promote natural healing, vitality, and good health. You might say, “my back feels fine.” But in today’s high-stress, sit behind­ your desk or watch TV world, it’s hard to be your best without the best health. Spinal adjustments and care improve the quality of your life by promoting overall wellness. In fact, our approach is the perfect alternative health care to use with other healthy habits that make up a holistic, natural experience in your life.