Our clients continue to praise the work here at Atlantic Chiropractic:

“How do I find the words to thank someone who has improved the quality of my life immensely!

Let me provide you with a little history.  While running, I sustained a low back injury in the summer of 1986.  After receiving months of physical therapy and what I know now to be useless advice, my condition did not improve.  At this point I believed my injury was beyond repair.

I saw an advertisement for Atlantic Chiropractic care in the summer of 1991, this is when I first met Dr. Bodzioch.  Although I was skeptical about chiropractic care, it did not take long for me to realize just how knowledgeable and committed Dr. Bodzioch is to helping all his patients reach a functional state.  More importantly, he continues to educate s so that we can prevent or avoid injury.  After one year of consistent treatment, I am currently on a maintenance program.  At 33 years of age I can once again run, play basketball, and cross-country ski – “pain free!”

The highest compliment I can pay Dr. Bodzioch and his staff is to recommend Atlantic Chiropractic’s care to anyone and everyone.

My sincerest gratitude for all you have done for me!”

Colleen M. McBride

Colleen continues to come to Atlantic Chiropractic to help maintain her health.

“Dear Doctor Tim,

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for all the treatment and support.  I had several subluxations and spinal deficiencies.  Your care has helped me regain pain free living, ability to sleep at night, and a more productive workday because of the care and natural treatment I received.  I started this letter with the title, “Doctor” however, I consider you a friend of myself, and my family.  My daughter had several ear infections and it got to the point where Alexia was always on meds for the infection.  Your care has kept her drug free.  My wife is also a patient/friend of yours.  She has noticed a considerable difference in her physical appearance and attitude.  My son has also started chiropractic care and we will lead him on the path to natural health.”


Your friends the Gianoulis Family

“I am 79 years old with glasses and 2 hearing aids.  I first came to Atlantic Chiropractic because of a limp and painful left leg.  After treatment by Dr. Bodzioch I no longer limp or have leg pain.  The most surprising development is that I no longer nee my hearing aids for I can hear normal speech.  Also, my sight has improved, especially for night driving, which my eye doctor could not understand.

I am thankful and appreciate all that Dr. Bodzioch has done for me.


Herbert Preston

Herb is now 98 years old and still a faithful patient at Atlantic Chiropractic.

“Dr Bodzioch,

It took 35 years of pounding on the basketball court before my back finally said enough and left me unable to walk without pain.  Without drugs or anything invasive you got me pain free and back in line, – or is that aligned.  Incidentally, I’m back on the courts throwin up those three’s!”



“I have been coming to Dr. Bodzioch for at least eight years.  When I first came to Dr. Bodzioch I was not able to play catch with my son.  I was not able to lift a hammer above my head.  I am a teacher and there were times I was not able to write on the board and if I could it was only with discomfort.  I had already been through physical therapy three times over a period of five years and had been given numerous cortisone shots during this time period.  I was ready for surgery on my shoulder when it was suggested that I first seek out a chiropractor.  This is how I had the fortune of meeting Dr. Bodzioch.

At that time I also was afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand.  This shut me down from doing any carpentry as a part-time job and it also limited the amount of time I could spend on the word processor.  It was not an over night fix but Dr. Bodzioch cured both of my disabilities in a year’s time.

During the years I have witnessed the interest that Dr. Bodzioch not only takes in all his paients but also his desire to help the communities situated near his offices: Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, Woburn, Winchester and Melrose.  He has made trips to these communities to speak to their sports teams, donated equipment to the individual high schools and provided t-shirts to many of the high school teams.  His interest is not only at the high school level.  He has availed himself to speak to the middle schools and elementary schools also in these communities. Dr. Bodzioch has been a guest speaker in my fifth grade class in Melrose.  He spoke to the students on the importance of the spinal column and how it relates to the proper functioning of the whole body.

Without Dr. Bodzioch’s help I would have had what I believe to be unnecessary surgery and might still be suffering from the same ailments.  I use Dr. Bodzioch’s services on a regular basis to keep myself healthy and also as a preventative fir future ailments or physical problems.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bodzioch to anyone who has a physical problem or symptom that just will not go away.  I would also recommend him to anyone who cares about his or her health.”


Martin Stanton

Martin is still a regular patient here at Atlantic Chiropractic.