Golf. Power Golf. How’s your golf game?

Looking to break 100, 90, 80…even 70?

Your $600+ driver and even costlier irons aren’t the answer. The only indispensable club is your spine, the foundation and core axis of your swing. If the biomechanics and posture of your spine are not tuned and healthy, you cannot make your optimum power swing. When they are in tune, you’ll have a high Power Golf Swing Profile (PGS Profile).

Chi Chi Rodriguez has employed the services of Dr. Timothy Bodzioch, Atlantic Chiropractic, to maintain his PGS Profile.

Chi Chi Rodriguez’s golf career spans four decades. He he won 8 PGA Tour victories and 22 victories on the Senior Tour. Now consider all this in light of the fact that Chi Chi stands only 5′ 7″ tall and his weight has been between 112-130 pounds, not the physique you would associate with the average power-hitting pro. In spite of this, it has been said that pound for pound Chi Chi is the longest hitter in the history of golf. At times, he has driven the golf ball over 350 yards and has consistently been at over 250 yards throughout his career.

Excerpts from an interview with Chi Chi Rodriguez and Dr. Bodzioch

“You’ve taken care of so many pros and always took care of me. Whenever I see you, I always feel better…You make a new man out of me, every time I see you…I’m hitting the ball so good, thanks to you…I’ve been to many chiropractors throughout the United States. I’ve never had anybody work with me like you do. You’re the best.”

Just what does PGS Profile Mean?

In a nutshell, as related to golf, it is a measure of how well the biomechanics and posture of the spine are in tune with one another in order to provide the highest quality spinal biomechanics to create a power golf swing.

Consider this, a well balanced power golf swing has your spine as its core axis and involves every muscle, tendon, bone and joint in your body. If any one of these is limited in its normal function and interaction with the others, your golf swing will be compromised and incapable of achieving maximum power and accuracy. If, on the other hand, they are in harmony with one another, your body will have a high PGS Profile, which enables you to enjoy the benefits of Power Golf and a lower score.

A high PGS Profile allows you to not only make a power swing, but also keeps your swing in the proper groove for consistency and accuracy.

Like most people, you may feel that you’re in great shape for everyday work, chores, exercise and hobbies, but you may be out of balance to make a power golf swing. You may not experience pain or lack of mobility but if the biomechanics and posture of your spine are not in tune, your PGS Profile score will be belowpar and you will not be able to make the optimum power golf swing needed to lower your score, regardless of your priceless collection of clubs.